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I started to offer my photography service few months ago and new adventure for me began. I’m happy to do it and hope to spread my wings and get busier and busier with doing photography and getting more experience.

Thank you all for reading me and being with me.

Photographer’s dream

When you mostly do portraits  you always in hunt for nice background, some good place for perfect composition. Of course nowadays digital backdrops and manipulation in Photoshop make impossible to happened, but still nice place to do picture its a base.

One time I was just relaxing in bed when I thought how I might spend money if I win lottery or somehow have that amount of money to spent.

So I thought about creating natural  backgrounds for photographers in big piece of land.

I imagine this like that, first off all, some nice old barn will be perfect for country pictures, then some horses  for this style will be necessary to have, maybe few chickens and rabbits wandering around, old wagon and few country gadgets.

Beside this there will be a  house with few rooms with different style of settings, for example one room with modern furniture, other one with old style Victorian style sofa and decor, nice kitchen with all those gadgets for some food photography, room with all cute props for newborn and baby photography, big closet with maternity gowns another one with lingerie for sexy boudoir sessions. Comfy living room with nice fireplace with big window for indoor portraits using natural light.

Of course nice studio lighting everywhere….

Then in garage Cadillac from 50s for pin up style images… and maybe and old pick up truck.

Around the house beautiful garden with some fountains and colorfully flowers.

Then I see big orchard which blooms perfectly for spring images and then is so colorful for fall pictures.

Besides this for nice natural backgrounds I see often on images: field of lavender,  tulips, poppy seeds, canola flowers, some blue flowers field like blue grape hyacinth,  sunflowers and of course field of wheat, another of corn, and a pumpkin patch…

Oh, yes,  I see somewhere there  willow trees with swings by the small pond, and forest with pines trees for Christmas images.

Than maybe stone street  with old fashion lamps posts leading to the place.

Moreover some small waterfalls and a castle will be perfect to have but that might be a little too much to ask for perfection of that place.


I can see this place full of photographers, lots of wedding and overall portrait images going on….  Some photography workshops, stargazing and astro photography sessions,  some family events…

Maybe I should find a sponsor to build such a a photographer’s dream place or post on “Go fund me” page? 😉







How long takes to do newborn photo session

IMG_8105 ex small

While you watch cute and creative babies’ pictures made in some photo studio, you think just put sleeping baby in the setting and its done. While its true that newborns don’t go anywhere and sleep a lot…but they can wiggle a lot before that happens and quite a bit of effort has to be done to make the picture happened.

First of all, ahead of time, setting has to be choose, probably few settings ready and easily to change. Setting basket or baskets, little beds, pillows, pails etc  ready with comfy lining in it with blankets along, flowers other props. Picking clothes, hats, head bands making sure they clean. Thinking about concept and  having all the gadgets needed kind of in arms reach and the background set. So there is a bit of work that needs to be done before even shooting and everything takes time…

IMG_8060 small

Then other factor is to figure out lightning, reflectors, what to use, where it should be set the best, of course that it might change few times during session, its better to have idea in mind and know how set them the best according to expected results. That means practicing  it before, unless you super experienced already….

Cute babies pictures might not happened so quick as you planned… as babies need to be feed sometimes quiet often, need diapers change,  need time to get calm and fall asleep deeply. No wonder it might take 2 hours to get few pictures with few different settings changed.

And it might be even more effort and time if you decide to do session outside and need to bring things along with you.

stroller small

When I look on wonderful, cute and interesting props other photographers use for newborns I would like  to have them all… Would be  nice always to have the most unique and the cutest  things ever … but true it will be hard to store them all and a bit of money to get them, and that list might be endless…

Whats happening more often now,  its good to  improve Photoshop skills so you can use variety of digital backdrops offered online and other photos with props and gadgets.

After shooting, your job  is not over, its time to clean up everything, it might get a bit messy when you dig up for different outfit  or cant decide which blanket will work the best. Then time for  editing, more relaxing but need to work under pressure as exciting people are waiting for results and you dont want to wait them too long, babies are growing fast…



Red poppies and Twin Peaks

There is a little hill which I pass almost everyday while driving and around this time of the year the patch of red poppies blooming nicely at one spot. No doubt red poppies are very popular objects to photograph among purple lavender and  bright yellow sunflowers.Jealous about those pictures I wanted to have pictures with red poppies in my collection.

For the last 2 years I’ve kept saying to my son that we should do photo session there… and then always was something, either no time on the late afternoon or  bad weather, and those flowers don’t last long.

Finally this year it did happened. Some photo projects wait on the shelf before you can realize them. It was a bit challenging as the spot  was close to the busy road and the flowers were growing on the slope of the hill. So we climbed there, our clothes got covered with little green balls with small hooks like a Velcro which sticks to clothes so easy but not easy to remove, anyway not sure what exactly it was.

So I was able to get decent pictures like this one:

IMG_8473 mniejsze

Then a bit different idea popped out. Few days ago I saw some photo contest, theme: surrealism which link in my mind to the tv series Twin Peaks. The show got back now after 25 years and as a fan I watch it. I like David’s Lynch movies, but sometimes I watch it and I’m asking myself if I even  know what kind of a strange thing I just saw it. That’s surrealism I guess. I always think what kind of crazy ideas Lynch have and how that is created in his head, well he has a special talent.

I haven’t really try to do such a images unless they kind of happened. So inspired by that theme and influenced by the mood of Twin Peaks  I thought about those pictures I did with red poppies… and I decided to manipulate it a bit to create more surrealistic picture. Its kind of a rule for me when I manipulate an image, especially when I work on it  in the late evening, to see it on the next day and think what can be improved or change. I usually see something.

Anyway here it is result.

surrealizm 3 mniejsze



When you need a sun

I got this cute picture of my little boy, I love the outfit, pose of the model is nice, I like the place… but well didnt scored so good on some evaluation…

DPA,Kate Kobryn,The Little Bear

I thought why dont I play around with this picture to change something to be more Something…

I looked at it and thought maybe a sky was a bit boring, and usually warmer picture gives overall better feeling. So I add sun and made more looking like a sunset.I made it more magical, dreamy… I splashed the sunbeams and make him feel that sun and  to be touched by that  warm light.

sloneczny marcel logo mniejsze

So what you think about this change?

Can I define my style…?

First you try many different kind  of photography… you do landscapes, portraits, HDR, macro, night, golden hours, B&W, composites…

Supposedly after sometime when you do photography, you are finding your style, or style finds you…. Its like style of your clothing or home decor.  Some people can have a look on pictures and they know who made them. I asked myself do I have my style?…. and hmm I thought maybe its not so clear like with my clothing style, but then I reviewed my favorite clothes and went through pictures and well I must admit there is something…

Not sure if that is a style to be proud of or thats what is going to make me famous 😉 but yes my style is probably a bit of Ktisch( you might see me wearing my colorful leggins  or pink pants combine with very blue jacket bought in a supermarket), and  yes for example I used blue ribbon with white dots for baby’s boy photo session. card 2 mniejsze

Maybe its a bit of a happy childish style (oh that fake rainbow that I put in Photoshop into B&W image) with a little bit of chaotic imperfection ( like my writing far from literacy perfection) and humor (yes,  I asked my model to put his finger in the nose and I photographed it)

watch your manners mniejsze

Of course I look through many pictures of other photographers and I look for inspiration but I’ve never copied  exact picture, I rather do my ideas, even though sometimes not all work the way I thought… and sometimes they aren’t super creative. That’s life.

What kind of pictures are do the most? Very likely portraits, especially kids. Beside the frustration of getting good pictures of active kids, I like run around and chase them as I like to be active, and I like to catch kids in action. Waiting somewhere for hours to get nice pictures of the wildlife might be just not for me…maybe not in that stage of life. But I sometimes like quiet, little less active  moments in the studio to photograph some objects.

So as I write about it, here is my tackiness fun  with pictures, I put  a baby in a bucket, not in reality  though, as this bucket might just probably fit only for baby’s foot. And oh well, I couldn’t resist to put that wooden wall behind, a must to have in a studio for lots of photographers…

marcelek cute logo mniejsze

You also can try my bucket ( you can get the image here: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/decorative-bucket-594686768?src=Y3wWJPxon7HC6vFgxEaR-A-1-9

and put somebody or something in it…

if you try please share  your results 😉






If only I knew the things I know now and I could go back in time and redo it over again…

How many times when we revise our life we could not resist from thinking that we could make different choices and do things other way… But  also is the truth that we need a lessons to learn so we can do better in future. With photography when you go trough first pictures or even recent pictures you see that you could do things better. When comparing first pictures  to last ones you can see, that you’ve learn something, you develop, you actually better now, you compose other way and edit images smoother. With recent ones its just shaping and see even more things that you can master.

With life, well we can’t go back in time but with images, we can had a look on pictures did some time ago and edit them differently, have other idea for recreating that picture so its scored better in our and others eyes.

Like I had a look on this image:IMG_3832 mniejsze

I submitted the image to the contest and I it didnt get many votes so I thought I really like this picture, I need to show those emotions, relationship between mom and child, I wanted emphasized  little one eyes. So after it look like that


Here is another example of picture  I went back to few times:lawka

I liked this picture already, there was so melancholic mood in it, but I thought hmm lets change in B&W:


The tree on left side bothered me a bit, it was right in the middle of the view… So I tried to get rid of it and made the view look more cloudy and foggy. When I did it I kind of found it,  a bit empty, so I thought  I need something. So I put rainbow:lawka-3

And I called this image:”After every storms comes a rainbow”, because that’s how I feel about this image.


Some days you might think… that you stuck, that you not getting better, not learning enough,dont have enough creative ideas…

But then think about you life, made a list in you head, how much you went through, how many things you have done so far. If you think you haven’t then ring ring ring, your bell is ringing time to change that. Have a look on your pictures from the beginning, and you will see, you did a lot…. I’d love to master Photoshop, and know better other software, have more time for doing photography, have a better equipment, visit more interesting and beautiful places, have a wonderful big studio, have always amazing ideas…nice models. Do I feel bad that is not happening… probably sometimes, as I’m Polish and Polish people have that curse that they tent to be professional and perfect right from beginning they dont want showing anything between and be proud of their learning process, and we always complain that isn’t going to work and we aren’t confident enough.

Truly most of things happen step by step (unless you win lottery then yes it is one sudden strike) even sometimes very small steps but yes you moving forward, if you only want to, you are getting better even if you feel you not.


What is it beside Photoshop

As a busy mom and photographer, I stick to things I know already, as its no time to get to know all the software, plug ins, the newest equipment…. would be actually interesting to have a job as a tester and reviewer of those things. So  getting knowledge on things that interest me  and working in the same time  might be something to look for…

Anyway it got my interest when  I spot that article comparing Sketch to Photoshop.



I thought, I even dont know much other software for editing pictures…

Sadly I’m not a Mac user so cant try this program out, but curious what other think?

Is Photoshop still ” the King”?

I dig it more to look what others people recommend for photo editing . I might try other options just to see, what different tool might be use for editing images.Is it easier for use, can you get other results…





So some of them are free, some not.

What else you recommend?

Just to not get overwhelmed with all those programs, still the most important thing is have good photos in the beginning to work with and have creative ideas for what you want to do with them. Although exploring new tools might bring new ideas to live for getting beautiful images.